[FX100]WIPsoft : smtp with attachment


I’m using WIPsoft with the FX100 to send mail with smtp.

All is working, and now i’m trying to send a mail with an attachment, but i can’t find in the documentation how to do it.

I don’t know if it is possible, in the WIPsoft documentation for WIPfile i can’t find something for smtp attachment.

<filename>: file name
if <protocol>=4: specify the name of the file to upload or download
The maximum file length is limited to 128 characters. The actual filename,
including path name has to be used.
if <protocol>=5: URL of the HTTP request
if <protocol>=7: mail id in string format
if <protocol>=8: the identifier matching the identifier specified in WIPOPT.
Please note that the order of the files sent using WIPFILE must match the order
of the files specified using WIPOPT.

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Off the top of my head, I suspect that you will have to build the attachment as a MIME encoded string and append it to your message body manually.

There is an example of building a ‘complex’ email including an attachment using the WIP API in section 15.8 of the WIP-5.56_Open_AT_IP_Connectivity_Development_Guide

If you’re using the WIPSoft AT Commands (i.e. AT+WIPxxx), there is a comment in section “Options that can be applied to SMTP Session” of Internet Application 5.56 Guide (Rev 4.0 April 2013) about setting the WIP_COPT_SMTP_FORMAT_HEADER option to enable either the application or the user to format the mail header to send an attachment.

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I will have a look at this, now the hardest part is to well format the header…


No problems.

Please update us once you get it working

Ciao, Dave