Fujitsu T939 + Airprime 7455

i just bought a Fujitsu T939 that is being shipped to me now. I mistakenly did not purhcase the WWAN model. I am interested in purchasing a an EM 7455 and installing it in my machine.

My Machine is the # XBUY-T939-001 - I should have bought the XBUY-T939-WWAN1 ( I see that the WWAN model uses the EM7455)
See machine details here:

I found this doc via search from Fujitsu about a different machine (T734)

I contacted Fujitsu support and they need a serial # to check configuration I am guessing that is what i will have to wait for(which I will have next week). Just trying to get headstart on what direction I am going, installing or returning and repurchasing. Thanks in advance for any help.

Hello. Just curious to hear how this ended up for you. I’ve been thinking of ordering the T939 with the 1080p screen and then adding an EM7455 afterwards, but I’m curious if the internals are identical, as to provide for such an upgrade, or if the SKU that includes the EM7455 is a completely different build, thus rendering the idea moot.

Thank you for any info you can provide!


According to ds-LIFEBOOK-T939.pdf:
"Interface add on cards/components(optional) LTE Sierra Wireless EM7455
Integrated LTE or UMTS LTE Sierra Wireless EM7455 (Cat. 6) (optional)”
ds-LIFEBOOK-T939.pdf (222.0 KB)
You can download Sierra Wireless EM7455 WWAN Driver for Fujitsu T939 at
Please contact Fujitsu support if you need more information.

I hope the information is useful for you.