Fujitsu T939 + Airprime 7455

i just bought a Fujitsu T939 that is being shipped to me now. I mistakenly did not purhcase the WWAN model. I am interested in purchasing a an EM 7455 and installing it in my machine.

My Machine is the # XBUY-T939-001 - I should have bought the XBUY-T939-WWAN1 ( I see that the WWAN model uses the EM7455)
See machine details here:

I found this doc via search from Fujitsu about a different machine (T734)

I contacted Fujitsu support and they need a serial # to check configuration I am guessing that is what i will have to wait for(which I will have next week). Just trying to get headstart on what direction I am going, installing or returning and repurchasing. Thanks in advance for any help.