FTP wip_getFile Problem


Hi there,

i got a strange problem trying to download a file from FTP.

After connecting to GPRS, connecting to FTP and trying to download a file I receive a WIP_CERR_CSTATE error.

This sees strange to me, because i am waiting for all appropriate events.

Here’s my code:

After being connectd to GPRS (WIP_BEV_IP_CONNECTED), open FTP communication channel:

void SOCK_FTP_hdl_c(wip_event_t *event, void *context)
    ftp_channel_c = event->channel;    
        case WIP_CEV_OPEN:
            TRACE((TL_SOCK, "SOCK_FTP_hdl_c(): WIP_CEV_OPEN"));
            wip_getFileSize(ftp_channel_c, "test.php");
        case WIP_CEV_DONE:
            TRACE((TL_SOCK, "SOCK_FTP_hdl_c(): WIP_CEV_DONE"));

Now wip_getFile:

ftp_channel_d = wip_getFile(ftp_channel_c, "test.php", FTP_hdl_d, "");

Now in the handler for this channel (FTP_hdl_d):

void DOTA_FTP_hdl_d(wip_event_t *event, void *context)
    ftp_channel_d = event->channel;
        case WIP_CEV_OPEN:  
            TRACE((TL_DOTA, "DOTA_FTP_hdl_d(): WIP_CEV_OPEN"));
        case WIP_CEV_WRITE:
            TRACE((TL_DOTA, "DOTA_FTP_hdl_d(): WIP_CEV_WRITE"));
        case WIP_CEV_READ:  
            TRACE((TL_DOTA, "DOTA_FTP_hdl_d() %d bytes readable", event->content.read.readable));  
            //read file
            u32 nread;
            u8 buf[256];
            while ( (nread = wip_read(ftp_channel_d,buffer, sizeof(buffer)-1)) > 0)

So in my Trace, everything is normal, until the data channel for FTP is opened. Then I receive the WIP_CEV_OPEN, the WIP_CEV_WRITE and after this i get error -999 (WIP_CERR_CSTATE).

Strange: If I remove the while statement around the wip_read function, the error does not happen…

Any ideas?

  • What function returns you this error?

  • Are you sure you get a WIP_CEV_WRITE when you try to read a file?

  • You do a getFileSize(); do you wait for the response before attempting a getFile()?


Hmm - sees your last question was the key.

I am now waiting for the WIP_CEV_DONE in the comm channel for the result of the filesize (event->content.done.aux).

After that creating the data channel with wip_getfile and receiving bytes works quite fine:

nread += wip_read(ftp_channel_d, FTP_file_buffer+nread, FTP_bufsize-nread);

Anyway - thanks for your reply!