hi to all,

I am implementing DOTA in my application. It gives WIP_CEV_ERROR and after some time restarts my appli & gives ADL_INIT_REBOOT_FROM_EXCEPTION when ftp file is downloading (middle of download).

Thanks in Advance.

Regards - Senthil.

That is almost certainly unrelated to the fact that you’re doing DOTA.

You can check the specific cause of the WIP_CEV_ERROR from the Channel Event structure passed to your Channel Event Handler; eg, pChannel_event->content.error.errnum

If an error is reported, and you don’t correctly handle it, this is only to be expected!

You need to determine the actual cause of the error, and take appropriate recovery action!

Thanks for your reply.

Actually I forgot to mention Error Code. I got error code number 426. ( “426 Connection timed out, aborting transfer”
). But the same code is already ran correctly. Now it shows error msg.

Could you help me.

Thanks in Advance.

Regards - Senthilraj.

and you’ve never had a timeout error when downloading stuff with a PC, then?

These kinds of errors happen - they are not even unique to GPRS!
Your application needs to be designed to cope with them!