Strange behaviour when downloading file

I use fastract supreme 20, firmware 663g. I apply dota feature on modem. I can successfully download the application file from ftp, write it into A&D space and install it. There is almost no problem. The new application starts when modem resets after adl_adinstall.

But when i follow the flow of code, i see that downloading operation gets interrupted by WIP_CEV_DONE event as explaint below.

  1. Connect to ftp server
  2. After getting WIP_CEV_OPEN event, start getting file by wip_getFile
  3. After getting WIP_CEV_READ event, start reading file and write AD space
    4. Reading, Reading, Reading and strangly WIP_CEV_DONE event triggered! But it doesnt stop reading.
  4. It continous reading file inspide of WIP_CEV_DONE event
  5. After reading all file, WIP_CEV_PEER_CLOSE event triggered and download completed
  6. Install the new application

I read that WIP_CEV_DONE triggered when you close the connection but i am sure i dont close connection untill reading completed. Although this event doesnt prevent successfull dota, i wonder why. Do you have any idea?