FTP error 550

Good evening at everyone,
I wrote a simple application with Q2686 FW 6.63 OS. 4.22 for download file via FTP after a received SMS. (Like first part of DOTA).

The first filedownload everything OK, but the second after the creation of the ftp channel with WIP_CEV_OPEN event and a simple wip_getFileSize, I receive an WIP_CEV_ERROR and ev->content.error.errnum returns 550.

I don’t find any documentation about this error code.

Any ideas?

Thank you

You’re right - the documentation says that all WIP Channel errors should be negative, between -1000 and -986

Are you sure you’re not just misinterpreting a signed value?

That is most likely the FTP error 550 Access/Permission denied that you’ve received.

If you check the documentation you’ll see that there are two kinds of error codes you may receive. WIP error codes (negative) and other error codes that depend on what kind of service you’re using.

550 is the FTP error number for Access/Permission Denied. Are you sure that you have access to the file you want to do the operations on?

I’m sure that is a positive number.

The first ftp session is ok and in the second session I try to download the same file. But I will try to download another file in the second session.

I think is a error like something is already open or in use. I’m looking for this kind of error but I don’t find anything.

You should check what is happening on the FTP server as well to see what actually happens.

That certainly sounds like a possible cause of a result like “Access/Permission Denied”

You can read the explanation of each FTP return code here :


Problem solved!
I have a look on log file of FTP server.
As you suggest the error code 550 sound like Access Denied.
In fact in the second FTP session I request a bad file name.

I used a strcat instead of strcpy so the the file name was duplicated.

Thank very much.