FTP EM7690 on linux 4.19.79

you can also try the MBPL SDK:

owner@ubuntu:~/QMI/MBPL/R23/MBPL_SDK_R23_ENG4-lite.bin/SampleApps/lite-mbim-connection-manager$ sudo ./bin/lite-mbim-connection-managerhostx86_64 -s settings-simple.conf

session 0,,,smartone,MBIMCompressionNone,MBIMAuthProtocolNone,MBIMContextIPTypeIPv4,false,vlan.0,4094

how can i get the ip address of the EM module with an AT command

You can try

This works but returns

Is there any attachment phase to perform? With an at command

Did you enter correct APN in +cgdcont

My phone provider does not require any apn. In this case how would you recommend me to set at+cgdcont? For ftp or http services

can you change another SIM which needs APN ?

Yes i can but is it mandatory to provide an apn field?

I don’t know, normally i tested with APN field

Does your SIM ( no APN) need username and password to establish data connection?

No this SIM does not require any username nor password

can it use LTE?
It seems register on WCDMA…

What do you mean by : it seems register on wcdma . How do you guess this?
Yes it must be able to use lte. I see it in the caps

i saw it from your screenshot:

It seems that by using the correct APN, i can get something from mbimcli

mbimcli -d /dev/cdc-wdm0 -p --connect=apn=‘mobiledata’
As you can see It seems to give me an address =
Am i right?
But how can i use this IP

Does your network interface in ifconfig have this address?

Btw, the firmware version of your module is really old …

My ifconfig does not reflect this address unless i do: ip addr add<ip adre/nr> dev wwan0

you can also try “udhcpc -i wwan0”