FTP EM7690 on linux 4.19.79

I am using EM7690 i want to use FTP to transfer files to mobile phones. Is there any library able to perform ftp transfer.
if so, is there any description of the architecture of module and libraries to be installed and loaded.

do you mean you have set up a FTP server in your mobile phones?
Is that your EM7690 is connecting to a linux machine(e.g. Ubuntu PC) with kernel 4.19.79?

I expect to have a FTP server installed on a mobile phone, this concerns the remote node.
At the other side of the network (4G), i want to use one EM7690 module.
This EM7690 module is on a board where there is an ARM processor with a linux operating system 4.19.79.
ON this linux os, i want to load all required drivers for this module.
At first, i basically need to use AT commands .
These AT commands would be used to initialize the EM module, to send data with the ftp protocol.
My first impression is that i only need to load the qcserial.ko driver delivered by Sierra Wireless. Is this right?
is there any other driver to be loaded if i only want to send AT commands?

You should use the ftp application in the linux

Which ftp application is it?

you can try this:

Everyboby knows ftp. Your reply is not in the sense of my question. I only want to know the architecture of software to be installed on Linux from user space to kernel space. Which drivers should i load from your site? And how can i install them on my linux.

you can install USB driver here for qcserial for AT command:

Also it is using MBIM, so this driver should be coming from the standard generic driver in linux.