PCIE_DIS signal in EM9190

The EM9190 product technical specification defines a PCIE_DIS signal that allows selecting the host interface type (unconnected/low for PCIe, high for USB).

Given that the default is PCIe, does this mean the EM9190 cannot be used with the USB host interface on already existing hardware platforms where the corresponding pin is currently unused? E.g. is it that a system that already supported EM7455 modules will not be able to use EM9190 modules due to the wrong PCIE_DIS signal input?

If it is a DV4 board then yes you will need to tie pin20 to 1.8V if USB is used. Otherwise it will default to PCIE operation.

Since this product is still considered under development, we recommend work with your direct support channels with Sierra Wireless or Re-seller for support on EM9190 if working with our preliminary Product spec or early samples. Thanks.


Yes, that is what we’re currently doing. The company I’m working for is looking for 5G modules to upgrade their already existing system, and the EM9190 is one being considered. We were very surprised to see that we would not be able to use a EM9190 in already existing hardware unless it’s in PCIe mode, which currently is not possible under Linux. In other words, if we wanted to use a EM9190 under Linux in USB mode, we would require our own platform hardware upgrade, which is obviously not straightforward.

I wonder if there will ever be EM9190 modules that are shipped from factory as USB-only where this pin state is ignored, that would solve compatibility issues so that the device can be used in already existing hardware there the corresponding PCIE_DIS pin is currently unused (NC or set to low). Is there any plan to do something like this?


I have to agree with @Thor, the product is pre release and you need to ask your direct support contact this question, which you must have given you have got your hands on a unit.



Hey @mlw! I personally don’t have contact with direct support from Sierra, the admins in this forum are the closest I am to Sierra support :slight_smile: which is why I asked here. The company that hired me (I’m a freelance) is the one with access to the Sierra support, and they were given some reference documents for the EM9190/91, they haven’t received any module yet. We’re all together still assessing which 5G module to use in the current hardware platform they already have, which is why I wanted to confirm how the PCIE_DIS pin works.


For the record I have answered your question privately as EM9 questions are currently not to be addressed publicly given it is not yet launched.