FTP EM7690 on linux 4.19.79

In your document the level of voltage to get the high state for pcie_dis pin should be between 1.36 and 2.1v

are you using EM9 dev kit to test?

I remember by default, the USB was already working fine.

Hi everybody, i hope everything is going fine. My USB problem is solved, now i can see /dev/ttyUSB0 and /dev/ttyUSB1. I just want to initiate a discussion with the module (are you here?, what is your status?..) In my past, i remember i could use AT commands,. I was working in Sierra wireless. can you recommand me a few AT commands to initiate a discussion with the module

you can try the following on /dev/ttyUSB0:
//FW version

//SIM status

//network registration status


Ok, fine thank you so much. Do you recommend me to create a C Application to generate the strings to be sent to this module? Ii know how to make it with the c computer language, but Do you have examples within the QMI, QMUX, MBIM or FW libraries?

you can use the MBPL SDK, inside there is sample application:


of course you can also use some 3rd party application like “mbimcli”

I suppose that mbimcli is not included in the Sierras’s SDK?

No, it is 3rd party app, in ubuntu, you can download with apt-get

In the Sierra 's SDK, i see this library ‘lite-mbim’.
I guess this is the MBIM CLI?
Is there any manual?

I don’t think it is mbim cli

Concerning the MBIM, In the Sierra wireless documentation, i see these sentences:
“The following open source drivers must be used:
• MBIM Interface: open source MBIM driver (cdc_mbim)
• This driver loads automatically as it detects the USB MBIM class interface”
I see that you provide a liblite-mbim.a library. OK but from this library how do you get a CLI MBIM terminal?

I think it would use the cdc_mbim interface for communication

I confirm that by using mbimcli with cdc-mbim i start seeing the module reply.
I use /dev/cdc-wdm0 as an argument of mbimcli.
I am wondering which sequential operations i should do to send at commands .
There is a manual?

You mean you want to send AT command via mbimcli?

Yes i want to send at commands via mbimcli

i have no idea how to do that
normally i will send AT command via /dev/ttyUSB0

Normally i do something like echo “at…”>/dev/ttyUSB0

Then why do you want to send AT command via mbimcli?

I do not know.
someone told me this is possible but i have no real knowledges on mbimcli. up to know I prefer to make use of commands similar to echo ‘at+CFUN’> /dev/ttyUSB0.
This is easier.
Except this, how is it possible to send ftp commands using this em7690 module. Is there any software that can be installed on an linux arm embedded system?

You can use some busybox arm version with ftpget commamd