FTP client with WISMO appnote

There are two errors in the “Establishing an FTP Client with a WISMO Module” application note:

1: page 2, in the example table row 8,
there should be “AT+WIPCREATE=3,2,2861,2,3” instead of “AT+WIPBR=3,2,2861,2,3”

2: page 2, in the example table row 9,
again “AT+WIPCREATE=2,1,”",21" instead of “AT+WIPBR=2,1,”",21"

For me this appnote works only until I connect to the FTP server. After the welcome message from the server I try to log in by typing in the user FTP command like this: USERmy_user_name. No matter if I use correct or wrong user name, or I type in any character sequence, I get no reaction from the server at all. The server only closes the connection after 60 seconds timeout. With FileZilla client I can connect to the server without problems.

This is what I get:

+WIPDATA: 2,1,35
220 ftp_server_IP_address FTP server ready
421 Login Timeout (60 seconds): closing control connection.

Any advice on what I am doing wrong would be welcome.

What’s the document number & revision?

Hello awneil,

I am not sure what is the document number, maybe this: WA_DEV_W228_APN_001.
The revision is 001.

Do you mean this:

sierrawireless.com/Support/D … ev001.ashx

Which gives a file named:
AirPrime WISMO228 Establishing_an_FTP_Client_with_WISMO-Application_Note-Rev001.pdf

In which case, yes WA_DEV_W228_APN_001 would be the document number

Yes, I mean that file.

The problem with no reaction from server has been solved by changing the terminal program setup from sending to sending at ENTER keystroke. :smiley: