Hi all,
I use WISMO228, firmware version = L10a02gg.WISMO228 100310

After GPRS connected: (got local IP), i start a TCP connection to a server which is unavailable, for example:

AT+WIPCREATE=2,1,“google.com”, 12345

after approximately 75 seconds, i got the response

+CME ERROR: 842 (means the destination host is unreachable)

Note that when waiting in 75 seconds above, we cannot send any AT command (the WISMO NOT response anything).
I can’t find any guide to change the TIMEOUT parameter (75 seconds here).
When a normal server is available, this command (WIPCREATE) only take about 3-5 seconds to establish a TCP connection, so i want to reduce the TIMEOUT to about 10-20 seconds.

Is there anyway to change this TIMEOUT? Or make the WISMO return OK before waiting 75 seconds, and we can execute any other AT when waitng for TCP connection established?


The timeout period is configurable through the “AT+WIPCFG =

For more details refer to the WIP AT commands user guide.


Maybe you misunderstand my case. Your config is timeout for buffering data from UART before sending to RF line.

My question is about timeout for TCP establish between ME (WSM228) and the Internet.
Before successfully connected, we can’t use WIPDATA.


I have the same problem. How can it be solved?
Thank you.

So far i get no more information. I have to establish the connection with timeout of 75 seconds (because we can’t use any AT while the WIPCREATE is in progress).