FT supreme and Allen-Bradley

Did someone succeed to connect FT Supreme Modem and Control Logix processor ? I fount myself in little trouble… Im sending AT instructions via Serial port configured for ASCII and this works correctly. One link in the chain is questionable and that is the cable link… Im using this connection:

9 PIN Controller - 15 PIN FT Modem

2 Rx ---------- 2 Tx
3 Tx ---------- 6 Rx
4 DTR -------- 7 DSR
5 Common – 9 GND
6 DSR -------- 8 DTR
7 RTS -------- 11 CTS
8 CTS -------- 12 RTS

Looking for suggestions and few more opinions.

the connection you’re describing is for null-modem cable, it’s used to con nect two DTE devices.
however, your modem is a DCE, so you need a straight cable, tx needs to be connected to tx etc.


See also: Interface between Fastrack Supreme and PIC - #11 by awneil

Ive made changes that you guys suggested but It seems does not work again. I’m sending a AT command via ASCII on serial port and FT does not respond.

Im sending the follow line:


When I do the same via hyperterminal I receive a voice call.