Forwarding traffic from GPRS to LAN

Is it possible to forward traffic from gprs to lan connected stations. For instance Initiating TCP or UDP connection from GPRS side and not from LAN side.
Example: I want to connect from one PC over GPRS to a PC that is connected to lan interface of FXT009.
I have a private APN and IP address of sim card(FXT009 ) is accesible from local network.
local network->FXT009(GPRS side)-> FXT009(LAN) -PC(TCP port 1000).
Best regards, Edvard


Yes, it is possible.You will have to start a GPRS bearer and a ethernet bearer ,once the ethernet bearer is started create a UDP or TCP client socket which can connect to the server through LAN.Also when the GPRS bearer is started start a UDP or TCP server socket.Now whenever you receive data through GPRS the data will be routed to the server which is connected to the LAN.

Dear paruthiv!
Thank You for Your reply!
I’ll try to do as you suggested, but I’m wondering where the routing between the server and client is done?
I mean the server and client in the modem. What will make the data received on GPRS to be transferred to LAN and vice versa? Should there be “a piece of code” somewhere?
Would You happen to have a piece of example nearby?

Thank You for the response!
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