Q24pl001 redirect data from gprs to uart and back free

How can I redirect data two ways free using GPRS and UART .I dont need to operate these data just to put it though the modem to the device and to get the answer back.Is there any function to programm not to work with buffers and events ?Or maybe someone has an example how to realize this?

You mean something like this:

                 |         |  \|/  <===> GSM Network <===> Internet <===> Your Server
             --->+         |   |
Async Serial     |UART GPRS+---+
             <---+         |
                 |         |


ie, you’re basically looking for a “Serial-to-Ethernet” converter - eg, moxa.com/product/Serial_Device_Servers.htm - but using GPRS instead of Ethernet:?:

Some ideas on that from Google: google.co.uk/webhp?sourceid … ver%20gprs

I don’t think so - events & buffers will be fundamental to implementing this :exclamation: