Firmware Upgrade using M2M

I am using M2M 1.1.1 version with OpenAT software suite 2.31 and firmware 7.4.

I have a Fastrack Supreme 20 with firmware version 6.63 loaded on it. I am trying to upgrade my bootloader and Firmware. Both the attempts result in a weird “ERROR IN HEADER” message on console. Is there any way I can upgrade it to 7.4 using M2M?

Can some one shed some light on this?


no, you can not.

you need to use the ‘dwlwin’ tool (available from the sierrawireless website)

Thanks for the response. I found the tool. But looks like it only works with WPB (.wpb) files. Where would I get those files for my firmware? I checked Wavecom downloads but could not find.

Can you tell me where I can find them for my bootloader and firmware (7.4)?


Ask your distributor for dwlwin compatible firmware, by default you can’t download these

it also works with .wpk files
which you should be able to download from the website.

do keep in mind that you need to manipulate the boot-pin to use the dwlwin tool. (there’s more on the forum on how to do that)

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