Filter RRC related messages on the DM port (/dev/ttyUSB0)

How do I filter the RRC related messages on the DM port (/dev/ttyUSB0) under EM7455?

You need to have qualcomm qxdm professional license

Can I search specific strings for RRC in the logs captured from DM port?

you can try but I don’t really sure if that works.
The correct way should be using qualcomm QXDM tool.

Any suggestions on the search strings will be very helpful.

no idea as this is not a correct way…


There is no way for you to decode the output of the debug port without using the Qualcomm tools which need to be obtained from Qualcomm. The output is in a proprietary binary format specific to QC and none of it is searchable.



Use qcsuper on GitHub. It will let you direct signalling or traffic to Wireshark, which has the dissectors for 3gpp messages.