FCM file transfer on UART1: how reduce the time transfer?

Hi everybody,

I have to transfer a text file (about 150Kbyte) via UART1 to a Q2687 modem, using FCM.

Everything works well.

The only problem is the time taken for the transfer. I noted that data are transfered at 1Kbyte/sec,
despite the uart1 is configured at 115200Kbit/sec (approx 11,5Kbyte/sec).

If I print the DataLen parameter on the Data Callback of FCM I noted that most of the time there is only 1 byte.
This leads to increase of transfer time.

Is there some parameters in FCM to change uart buffer or other tricks to speed up the process?

Thank you.

This suggests that whatever’s sending the data is leaving a long delay between bytes - so that’ll be the cause of the slow transfer :exclamation: