FCM data event triggering slow

Hi all, I have a FXT009 with 7.52. I use FCM to handle data flowing through UART1. Functionally it works, but the data event handler triggers quite a while after the data has arrived.

Scoping the TX and RX lines I can see that a reply is sent with a few ms of the request being sent from the FXT009, however the data event is only triggered up to 2 seconds later? Any idea what can be causing this delay. I can’t find any setting relating to UART timings/timeouts etc.

This is causing problems for we as the device goes to sleep after 2seconds and therefore looses coms on the next request.

Any help would be appreciated.


I have answered my own question based on some other posts…

Essentially FCM runs with application priority. i.e. events will only fire when the application has a chance to fire them and therefore not real time as with interrupts (access the UART directly for this).

I was hogging the relevant context for something else and have since freed up the processor allowing much faster response.