fatal error

Hi, where can i post error-logs?

yesterday m2m studio suddenly crashed (and burned :stuck_out_tongue:)

Why don’t you try here first? :wink:

was just wondering if they might wanted it into their bug-tracking app (flspray)

I guess that the flyspray tool was just for the Beta testing phase…
You should ask your WM contact.

f*ck… :imp:
can’t even attach .txt or .log files…

the stupid program keeps craching on me.
even when i just hit -b for a rebuild.
or when i try to start /stop staces (or when i click another random button)

can this program please be kicked and beaten back to BETA. becaust that’s clearly what it is

Keep cool :wink:
Have you located error logs files ?
Usually you have two possible locations:

  • files called “hs_err_pidXXXX.log” in the same directory than m2mstudio.exe (when the JVM crashes: seems to be your case)
  • file called “.log” in the .metadata directory in your workspace (when errors are raised without crashing)

my cool has been restored (by doing someting else altogether :smiley: )

i’ve got the log files, but i still don’t know who to send them to. (or where to submit them fot that matter)

You can include an attachment in the forum topic but if you have confidentiality concerns, perhaps we need to set up an M2M Studio email address. Having said this, the forum is a community and not a “back door” to support where Wavecom already has established channels so I’d be reluctant to do this and cause confusion and possible frustration.

If you can upload in the forum, that would be a first step. If not, let me check for alternative solutions…

i’ve rared them.

OK Madouc - the team have taken a look at the logs and see an issue with the RAM consumption of the JVM. We’ve recorded this in the development backlog for the first maintenance release (1.0.1) although we don’t have a fix yet. We hope to have at least a workaround but preferably, a fix. After discussion with the development team, we may contact you privately in the next couple of days to test a version with a proposed fix (we can’t give an exact date as we need to analyse the issue and do some coding/testing of course). I hope this goes some way to aleviating the comments that the product is “still a beta” and that you can see we are taking all feedback seriously in order to quickly correct any outstanding issues not detected by users during the beta phase.

had a couple of craches today again.
always seem to happen in combination with communication with the target.
(unexpected state i suspect).

i’m getting more and more suspicious of my usb to serial converter… :frowning:

Have you made a try with a “standard” serial port? Several of my colleagues have similar issues, and it seems that they all use USB/Serial converters, while on my side, I don’t have issues but I use a standard serial port.