Fastrack Supreme + OPUS One

Hi ppl! I have a problem with wy GPS. I can’t get erGetGpsState()… The code is:
void ERideAppLoop(u8 timerId)
s32 gpsDataAvailMask = 0;
s32 GpsState;

GpsState = erGetGpsState();
TRACE(( 1, “erGetGpsState = %d”, GpsState ));
adl_atSendResponse(ADL_AT_RSP,“GpsState= \n”);

/* Make sure initialization (erGpsStart) is complete before calling core /
if ((GpsState == ER_GPS_STATE_ON) || (rx_bytes_in > 0)){
Send a response to user informing that GPS library is loaded /
adl_atSendResponse(ADL_AT_RSP,“GpsState== ER_GPS_STATE_ON” );
if ( (!AppIsGpsLoaded)&&(GpsState == ER_GPS_STATE_ON) )
adl_atSendResponse(ADL_AT_RSP,“GPS library is loaded”);
AppIsGpsLoaded = TRUE;
Produce PVT solution*/
/* Extract the contents of serial port /
UART Rx interrupt receives bytes from the GPS chipset and store bytes in OS queue */
TRACE(( 1, “ErideDataIn Check”));
if (rx_bytes_in) {

/* Process the serial port packets /
If complete GPS chipset packet is available, GPS core attempts a position fix and

  • returns bit field that indicate if new PVT data is available.
    TRACE(( 1 , “ErideCore Enter %d”, rx_bytes_in));
    gpsDataAvailMask = erGpsCoreTask(rxbuffer, rx_bytes_in);
    rx_bytes_in = 0;
    TRACE(( 1 , “ErideCore Exit %x”, gpsDataAvailMask));


adl_atSendResponse(ADL_AT_RSP,“It’s not working… why?! Who knows…” );
/* GPS not started yet, it means feature is not activated */

/* Unsubscribe the timer */
adl_tmrUnSubscribe(AppLoopTimer, ERideAppLoop, ADL_TMR_TYPE_TICK);

/* Unsubscribe the FCM flow */
And in GpsState= I get nothing! Nothing at all… And every time i start my program it send “It’s not working… why?! Who knows…” Why GpsState is empty?

Is anyone use Fastrack supreme +Opus One? Is it works? I’ve downloaded into my modem “simple sample” and it always reply’s “GPS Sample: CGPS Feature not activated”… LED on my OPUS One isn’t flashing…


The C-GPS feature has to be activated as part of the Fastrack Supreme firmware. You can tell if it is activated by using AT+WCFM command.

Check up the doco on how to decode the +WCFM result.

If the C-GPS feature is not activated, you’ll have to talk to your distributor.

ciao, Dave