External FLASH Access

Hi All,

I am facing a problem while accessing external NAND flash. I am using Oasis with R72 firmware on Q2687 H CPU.
The external NAND flash is connected to Wavecom CPU by Parallel bus.

I am using the sample code for accessing external flash (ExternalStorage_Parallel).
The read and write operations are successful (return value 0) but the values read by the application is incorrect.

So,I checked the signal at pins of FLASH.I observed that, the signal is generated at WE (write enabled) and RE (read enabled) pins of FLASH ,even if the application is not running.
(The signal is generated by Wavecom CPU at pins, FLASH_WE and FLASH_RE.)

I expected that while the program is not running, there should be no pulses at these pins as external flash is of no use when no program is running.

Has anyone faced similar problem?

Thanks in advance.