EXT_IO2_PU value is reset to false on FX30S reboot

I am using a FX30S gateway with firmware 2.1.4 and 3.0.0, and on both I noticed that the “Configured value” of EXT_IO2_PU = TRUE, when the gateway is rebooted, is reset in the FALSE. Why?
Later I checked EXT_IO1_PU, it behaves exactly the opposite, with the “Configured value” = FALSE, after rebooting the gateway it is set to TRUE.

Hi Vitali,
It is the designed behavior for FX30S.
These values are defined in FX30S User Guide document, ( you can download here: https://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/airlink/hardware_reference_docs/airlink_fx30s_hw_user_guide/#sthash.C8N8Z1my.dpbs)


Hello Jerdung!
Thanks for the link to the document, I didn’t know about the default values, but I guessed that they are.
The problem is different, I set the “Configured values” for EXT_IO1_PU and EXT_IO2_PU, but after rebooting the gateway, the current values are set to default values, not to the “Configured values”.

Hi Vitali,
The behavior is working as designed. The GPIO setting is runtime configurable only, this setting is NOT persistent through reboot. So after a reboot these values are set to default values.
After reboot, device connects to Octave, and it will update the configuration to Octave. (Octave does not send command to set these values again).
If you want to change these values after a reboot, you can write an Edge Action,
ex: function(event){

return { “dh://io/gpio57/value”: [false] }


Thanks for the explanation. I was sure that the “Configured value” for all resources sets the default value to which the resource will be set when the gateway is restarted.
I do, as you suggested, set the value I need from the edge action.
I have a question a little off topic: how to find out that the gateway has rebooted, so that at this moment I can set the EXT_IO1_PU and EXT_IO2_PU values ​​I need?

Hi Vitali,
The simple way is that:


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Hi Jerdung!
Thank you for your help!