exchange data problem


hello, everyone!

I’m developing a systerm with Q24PL002 with OS 657e and WIP 3.10.1030

I use Q24PL to access GPRS network, connect with another Q24PL and exchange data.
The transmit(receive) data come from(send to) an extern embedded systerm. The Q24PL just like a modem.
I saw the wavecom document. it seems that exchange data between the GPRS modem and the PC or extern systerm like mine should via PPP stack.

My question is
1、Must I use PPP, or it has some other way?(I want my extern embedded systerm as simple as possible and don’t contain too many stacks. I only want to send and receive the IP packet and don’t use the higher protocol)
How can I do it?

2、When I make a .dwl file and download it to the Q24PL, how to let the Q24PL to execute it?

3、I type the AT command in the hyper-terminal and the Q24PL will response with ASCII. So I think, could I send the receive data to extern embedded systerm like that? How to implement ?

Please help me.


hi zwl313,

-> You can use TCP or UDP to send and receive the IP package via GPRS or CSD GSM.

-> When you make a .dwl file that mean you must use OpenAT to develop your own embedded appl. After download you can enable or disable appl by AT+WOPEN=1/0.

-> You can AT command for GPRS connection. So you can use the WIPSoft (embedded appl supported by Wavecom) to do that. You can download this soft on Wavecom web. There are many examples in the document of WIPSoft.


Yes, you can implement your own custom AT commands using Open-AT - in fact, that’s how it got its name!

Read the section, “AT Commands Service” in the ADL User Guide; also the section, “AT Strings Service”.

Rather than build custom AT commands & responses, you could also use the serial port direct - see the section “FCM Service”.