Routing traffic through Q24Plus



I’m having difficulty routing traffic through a Q24Plus from a PPP over UART2 connection to a GPRS connection, and vice versa. At the moment I’m using the WIPSoft AT commands, but will write some code using the WIP Library further down the track.

My setup consists of:
A serial > ethernet device acting as a PPP server, connected to the Q24Plus via UART2. I can successfully create a PPP connection over the serial link, and ping devices on our office network, and they can ping back.
I can also create a GPRS connection from the Q24Plus and ping our server, and can ping the Q24Plus.
I can have both these bearers running at once, however it seems to get confused about how to route traffic, ie it will let me ping external servers on the internet (over GPRS) but not local computers (via the PPP connection), despite both bearers being started. Individually these bearers work perfectly though.

So my trouble lies in bringing these two connections together. Is there any way to route the traffic within the Q24Plus so data coming in on the GPRS connection is sent out through the PPP connection? Something similar to the routing table in Windows I guess. If there’s no built in feature for this, I assume I can implement this functionality in code using the WIP Library?

I’m sort of thinking aloud here, any comments or help would be great :smiley:


Q24 modules don’t support IP routing. The Oasis 2 OS does (or will soon at least), but it only runs on Q26 and WMP.


Ah okay, do you work for Wavecom fft?

Do you think it would be possible to route the data in a higher layer, or should I just be looking at other options?


You’d need to port your own IP stack on Open AT if you wanted to control the routing. Not a realistic option IMO.



I happen to see an option WIP_BOPT_IP_SETGW. I have tried this, but does not seem to be working.

Does anybody has success to “route” data from PPP connection over UART to GPRS?