Event send to cloud is missing

I periodically send GPS data to cloud from edge action. While testing the function driving on highway, I found the event sent to cloud was missing from time to time. I log the data that I send to cloud in the virtual resources before returning with cl://. I believe the cl:// was executed correctly. But the event couldn’t be found in the stream :default. Is there anything I can do to prevent this event loss? From the log that I kept, mangoh yellow was hoping between base stations and rsrp/rsrq is fluctuating a lot when this happened.

Anyone have any idea In what circumstance the event send by cl:// might be lost?

To investigate this issue further, I did more testing to verify if this is a bug of Mangoh Yellow (or Octave?). From the information I gathered, it seemed MangOH yellow (or Octave) may actually unexpectedly dumped the stream when device connection is lost.

I setup an observation to send temperature data to cloud stream every 2 minutes. After 10 minutes, I removeed cellular antenna from mangoh yellow to force a lost of connection. After about 25 minutes, I reconnect cellular antenna to check if any stream was missing.

From the screenshot, there is one stream missing right after connection is lost. Mangoh yellow was able to keep the subsequent streams until the connection come back.

Hello James,

there are updates that have not been made avaible yet on the Mangoh Yellow that will fix this.

Keep posted for 3.1 availability on the Yellow


Thanks a lot. I noticed the FX30 running with FW 3.0.2 doesn’t seem to such problem. Looking forward to the new FW for mangoh yellow.

May I know when will the new FW for mangoh yellow be available?