Erase section in DWLWin tool


I want to ask about detailed meaning of erase section parameters (Objects,Customization files)

and if I erase them , does this affect RF calibration part in the module?

The Objects are the data stored in Flash that are not part of the binary. So when you download a new binary, it is safer to also erase objects.
Regarding the Customization Files,the Customization Files check box prompts DWLWin to clean the whole area in Flash dedicated to customization files.
Erasing customization files can affect the RF calibration part in the module.

thank you this is very important point to my project.

1- For object files, is it files that created using flash API’s . is OS have any data stored in this part.

2- For customization files, is Application layer (which contain my written code) can access customization files using any API’s. if yes please help. OR customization files used only by OS part

3- finally, if I download upgraded OS bin file, is that affect objects or customization files. and should I erase them or I can let them without erase.

waiting your reply,

Please someone help me, I am waiting for our production

Have you spoken to your Distributor or FAE?

No, I use forum only

Well, call me old-fashioned, but it seems rather foolhardy to me to have a production line ready when you haven’t established proper support either direct with the supplier, or with a competent distributor.

OK thanks, I will call our supplier but I thought that forum is faster.

I am new developer in my company and my old college told me that forum is better and faster than calling supplier

Thanks for all

You can get some basic info on DwlWin opt usage from here: … ugh-dwlwin

You college is sadly out-of-touch with the real world!

Unfortunately, very few manufacturers offer direct support via “their” forums - Texas Instruments (TI) is a notable and praiseworthy exception.

You need to realise that the people on forums are just customers like you - they are not paid to answer your questions, and they have their own jobs to do.
So asking on a forum might just happen to get you a quicker answer if you’re lucky - but there is no substitute for a proper support relationship with the manufacturer and/or distributor…

No, it does not. RF calibration data gets erased only if you perform the “Erase whole FLASH” operation available in the Advanced tab. In fact, if you try to do that operation, it warns you that the calibration data will be erased.

then, what is the customization file part? and which parameters written in this part? and how can I access this part?

also what is the difference between object and customization files sections?


Customization part mostly for modules with initially blank flash. For them downloading firmware+application is you own task and your must have special dongle. This dongle checks costomization data for module validity confirmation. When using DwlWin for module restoring i usually set on “customization files erase” option and restored modules works fine.

Flash objects, as i know, is your application data, saved through adl_flash API.