EM92xx thermal simulation test

We want to use EM9291 as the module for our new product,
but we can’t find the corresponding file for the thermal simulation test.
The previous generation EM9191 has a clear thermal power figure for reference, but the EM92xx can’t find the corresponding file as shown in the red frame below.

Is there any chance to help me to get the thermal power of EM92xx?

thank you !

Hi @linklin,

Please refer to the following documentation:
2174346 EM92 Thermal Mitigation r1.pdf (401.3 KB)


@jerdung Thank you for your quick reply!
since thermal simulation requires the watts at the junction,
does EM92xx have such data similar to EM91xx as below?

I was referring to the following document
AirPrime EM919X-EM7690 Thermal Application Note-Rev3.0-2174257

Hi @linklin,

If you have carefully searched the source page but still cannot find the document described in the EM92 Product Technical Specification, in this case, you should send an email to technical support at support@sierrawireless.com for assistance.


Hi @jerdung

Okay, thanks for the reply,
I’ve sent an email to the support team to ask for the thermal test data of the module,
Thanks !