EM9191 - get to full power dissipation via AT-commands

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I was wondering if there is a way to get towards the 2A supply current for the EM9191 (as stated in the datasheet) using AT-commands. I’m a HW-Guy and don’t want to spend to much effort on building the environment for it.
I tried to get there with the Customer Production Test Mode, but tit was not sufficient enough (~0.9A). I would guess that only one antenna was enabled in this mode. Maybe I forgot something there.

So far I used these AT-commands:


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Hi @Felix.Plank

In the “AirPrime EM919X-EM7690 Product Technical Specification r2.pdf” AirPrime - EM919x/7690 - Product Technical Specification, I have found a case where the device can reach 2A consumption along with configuration, you can refer to this document at page 46.
You also refer to the “AirPrime EM919x AT Command Reference Rev1.7.pdf” (https://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/airprime/software/em919x/airprime-em919x-em7690-at-command-reference/#sthash.eaza9vac.dpbs) and “EM919X Customer Production Test Mode Rev1.4.pdf” (AirPrime - EM919x/7690 - Production Test Mode) for more information.


Hello Donald,

Thank you for your response. I know all these documents and followed the example given in “EM919X Customer Production Test Mode Rev1.4.pdf”, Page 21.
However, within the Production Test mode I could not get towards the claimed 2A current consumption.
(see also the used AT-commands in the original post)

The question now is, is the Customer Production Test Mode capable of doing that or not.

I’m currently not able to set up a “real” 5G connection to get into the descripted scenario of “AirPrime EM919X-EM7690 Product Technical Specification r2.pdf”, page 46.

Thanks and greetings.

Hi @Felix.Plank

I don’t find an official FW for this product at Sierra’s source page, I think you’re using a test FW or something similar.
I don’t have FW and HW to try on so I can’t verify this for you.
You can wait for the FW to be officially posted to the source page and then check your case again.


Any conclusion from Sierra Team?