AirPrime EM series

I am trying to find hardware reference documents of AirPrime EM series, but all I found is the documents related to MC series. Can you help me to find the right documents?


the EM series of products are specifically for the PC OEM customers right now due to their 1 year life from inception to EOL which most embedded customers cannot handle. This is potentially going to change in the near term, to get something more precise you need to discuss it with one of our distributors or account managers for your region.



Hi Saeedas,
As matt informed, you can contact your distributer to get more information…
Also the documents will be uploaded to the developer zone soon :slight_smile:


Hi Saeedas,
You can find the hardware reference documents of the EM series from the below link :smiley:!(3C4A040A-E262-4503-BC6A-0B7909D62FF3)!(749948D6-15E5-42BC-A176-71D641DC81DB)