EM9191 frequent disconnects

My EM9191 module disconnects frequently throughout the day only using band n41 (T-Mobile) all 4G frequencies are good. I have updated to the latest firmware but am still having issues. The module is inside a MOFI 5500 router, and I only use the update they send out on their website. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

do you see problem if disable the 5G n41 band in AT!BAND and just use other 5G band?

I can use 5G NSA just fine. Example Band 2 and band n71 together. I haven’t tried just using n71 by itself. Should I try that?

you can try that for locking to n71 SA

Locking to n71 works fine. No disconnects. Band 41 LTE works good too. Only have issues with n41. I’d like to use n41, since it is a lot faster. Any ideas?

you need to contact distributor to understand the root cause

I’ve tried that already. I was hoping to get a solution here. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Distributor says it is fault in EM9191. Lots of people having same issue as me

Anyone hot any ideas?

What is the recommendation from distributor?

They say it is a fault with the EM9191 module. They said they put on a ticket to Sierra Wireless.

Hardware or bug in software