EM9191 attach failed when IMEISV include set to 0 (during call setup)

Need some help:

In my 5G SA core system: if I set the IMEISV-include to 0 (i.e. the NAS SecurityModeCommand has the imeisv_req_incl=0) , **** the UE attach would fail. i.e. it won’t send out the PDU_session_request.

Other UE (like Samsung 22) works fine on the system with this setting.

Is it a potential bugs on the chip ? Or some settting we need to set on EM9191 to allow IMEISV_include=0 ?


Why do you need to set that?
How do you set this?

I am using a system (5G SA core) which i have not control :frowning:

Is that the IMEISV-include is a parameter on your network side?
Not quite sure what this parameter means