Em9190 t-mobile 3.x firmware

Any ETA on T-mobile 3.x firmware? i’m using generic for now.

HI Jgsieve1 ,

Currently, Here are all published EM9190 firmware
EM9190 Approved FW Packages

Thanks, yeah, I’m on 3.x generic but would like to see if any other CA combinations happen with new T-Mobile firmware. I’m nervous to back rev to 1.07x as many changes to the filesystem were made from what I understand and I don’t want to brick it


The 3.x is going to be renamed 4.x (to line up with the Qualcomm numbering and it will probably be released mid Feb. Not sure whether it is going to go through TMO specifically but the intention is to do the other major US carriers so I suspect TMO is in amongst that list.