EM9190 Startup takes long time

I found my EM9190 module often takes about 1 minute to be fired up and ready to establish connection with computer,does any option i can set to accelerate the startup process?

In order to know which part is taking long time, you need to check “AT!GSTATUS?” on when it successfully registers to network after power on

for example, in my testing on EM9191 with FW, it takes 30 seconds to register network after power on.

i can’t access it’s serial port after the startup process finished and when i’m able to access it already connected
like this:

Current Time: 128 Temperature: 40
Thermal Mitigation Level: 0
Reset Counter: 1 Mode: ONLINE
System mode: NR5G PS state: Attached
IMS reg state: NOT REGISTERED IMS mode: Normal

NR5G TAC: ****** NR5G Cell ID: ***
NR5G band: n1 NR5G Carrier ID: 0
NR5G dl bw: 20 MHz NR5G ul bw: 20 MHz
NR5G Tx Power: 20 NR5G Tx chan: 389980
NR5G Rx chan: 427980
NR5G dl MIMO: 0 NR5G ul MIMO: 1
NR5G(sub6) RxM RSSI (dBm): -54.1 NR5G(sub6) RxD RSSI (dBm): -53.5
NR5G(sub6) RxM1 RSSI (dBm): -58.6 NR5G(sub6) RxD1 RSSI (dBm): -52.9

NR5G RSRP (dBm): -85 NR5G RSRQ (dB): -11
NR5G SINR (dB): 30.0

Do you mean the serial port is enumerated in Windows device manager one minute after power on ?

This should not be the case then, I can have the port about 20-25 seconds after power on…

it enumerated like 15 seconds but unable to open,after 1min wait i can access.also at linux
this is my device

Manufacturer: Sierra Wireless, Incorporated
Model: EM9190
Revision: SWIX55C_03.10.11.00 112b2d jenkins 2023/05/02 03:32:45
IMEI: 355133770101327
FSN: 4H1101023304A1

Then seems your linux has problem to open port
Did you try in windows?

tried in both platform but same problem

I don’t see such problem at least in windows

will it be unstable when PCIE_DIS was powered higher then 1.8v?

according to the product technical specification:

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