EM7565 recognised as eth1

Hi @jyijyi

Why my EM7565 module is recognised as eth1 and as Ethernet device. I have installed Gobinet drivers. Please let me know.


what do you expect actually?

I remember I can rename wwan0 to eth1 by the following command:
sudo ip link set dev wwan0 name eth1

Hi @jyijyi Just out of curiosity, as it was a modem which should be set to wwan0 but the driver is displaying it as eth1 Ethernet device

do you see this in ubuntu PC?

I think you can still use it with another naming

On my custom board running ucLinux.


then what is the actual problem now?

Hi @jyijyi There is no problem. Just wanted to check any reason for it to be recognised as Ethernet device. Thanks

No idea, but you can try to rename it if you don’t like the naming