EM7565 GPS or/and LTE


Hi all,
My needs is to get GPS data at the same time that a LTE data connection is working and GPS should never stop functioning.
When I read the code of the examples linked to LTE & GPS I can see in the pdsservicesarm source code that they care about the fact that the SDK could used by another application?
And the documentation is not really clear on that point…
Does it means that when LTE connection is going to be used at the same time as the GPS the latter has to be connected through AT command only?

Thanks in advance for any tips




The short answer is that GNSS and LTE can be used simultaneously regards of whether you are using AT commands (there is a USB end point for AT commands and one for NMEA data) or the QMI interface.




Thanks Matt for your feedback,
since I posted the question I have done a little C program to extract and format the required fields that I need using ttyUSB2 endpoint as I do not have nothing on the /dev/ttyUSB0?..
So the AT way is working fine, it is a simple and very straightforward.
At the moment using the SDK is pretty painful and I do not get always the data while they are available via AT commands, the SDK has a very weird behaviour and I do not have time to investigate…
So at the end it is good to know that both (LTE & GPS) can work together at the same time as the actual software seems to prove the reverse.




NMEA is on ttyUSB1 I think.