LTE-Connection stops when starting GPS using lite-qmi - tool, EM9191

when i start using the gps function of the 5G-modules EM9191 using the qmi-lite tool, the RF/LTE-connection fails after 1 or 2 seconds and the modem has 100% packet loss.

Did anyone notice this problem as well and knows how to solve this? maybe by using at-commands?

Thank you very much

Kind regards

how about AT!GPSFIX ???

Thanks for your response. The problem is not the gps, but the LTE-connection. GPS still works fine, but the LTE connection fails instantly after starting the lite-qmi - tool?

which FW are you using?

Firmware: SWIX55C_02.08.01.00
MBPL version: 23
lite-qmi-loc Version: v1.0.2106.0

How about fw SWIX55C_03.04.03.00

I’ve upgraded the modems, but the problem remains the same unfortunately

Will at!gpsfix block the lte connection?