EM7511 Novice user

Hello … My first post on this forum. Im interest in to know about the EM7511 module… I understand it is an IoT device and wondering if I can use it sort of a hotspot or wifi device attached to a laptop…not sure how to take advantage of it in private network environment or if it is specifically design to be use for first responders only…many thanks!

once it can establish data connection to the laptop, you can make the PC as hotspot:


Hello and thanks for the answer. That answer my first question.
@nd question will be … do I need to configure the device, somehow, in order to provide such hotspot service?
I mean … I know it requires a SIM card from a telecom service … but besides that … is there any specific configuration in order to as hotspot?
Many thanks!

I think it is enough

thanks again! … last question… do I need specific OS ? …
I understand I will need the pci card drivers for the OS so … will it work better if I use Windows 10 or Ubuntu/ redhat … etc. etc? …

thanks again!

Have you tried to share the ethernet data to hotspot in win10?