EM7511 Cannot Connect to the Verizon Network

the tera term app is just blinking, so what do i even do with that…

what port you see in the Modems-> Sierra Wireless WWAN Modem

its 5 and nmea is supposed to be 4 (dm=6), and wwan network adapter is without a port?
and i think that it even detects a sim card, because it said it needs a pin, and when i unplugged the sim, it said something else

then you can use tera term to open COM5

no, its just blinking

tera term is blinking??
never see such thing before…

the white cursor thingie in the window and i cant even press enter or any other key

Seems nothing works on your pc, neither skylight nor modem port…

You might try linux pc

i try to use tera term in linux then? what commands?

There is no tera term in linux, you can use minicom

ok, so i just use minicom and that will solve everything? makes sense

even “ls /dev/tty…” etc doesnt work lol

you need to install the MBPL_USB_Driver:


wonder if it would work inside a vm too? and does a simcom module need some linux drivers too?

Yes, it works with vm.

ok i try, but there is also an issue that i noticed, where the module is supposed to be this 7511, but after the driver reinstall it started to say under usb that there is somekind of em7565 usb composite device now installed…

now even the “lsusb -t” thing doesnt show anything useful, so is it even supposed to be a usb device or smth…

well… i did get some commands working with some other simcom card, so i probably have to hardinstall linux to test this sierra card out…

lol… now i got the 4g stuff working with win10 right out of the box, but does it have any gps apps for windows then… the skylight thing is only internet and that gps monitor was probably available in 2019, but not anymore…

well… now i have probably figured out that some old Gps devices had to use 4800 as baud rate, but is it the same for these newer cards too and where could i even get drivers for some older Gps devices lol… (or maybe even 9600, 19200 and 38400 too? what does this change anyway?)

i’m basically trying to use the visualgpsview app now, but would need those older drivers from somewhere to test it…

EDIT3 **
now i managed to install full linux and the mbpl drivers, it has usb0-usb2, but none of those even respond to Ati3 etc… and the last usb2 should probably be the at commands port ?