EM7455: What is the recommended way of setting up and controlling the data connection (AT Commands, QMI or MBIM)?

What is the recommended of setting up and controlling the data connection - AT Commands, QMI or MBIM ?

It depends on your purpose and skill set.


There is no ‘recommended’ way, they all have their positive and negative points but as jyijyi says its depends on your capabilities and what you want to achieve.



Hi There !

I’m a greenhorn when it comes to these modems so I am going through the same thoughts. So far my impression is (and please correct me if I’m wrong)

RMNET (uses AT&T commands) - Easiest way to establish basic IP connectivity. See Technical note
QMI + SDK - Uses QMI SDK as a standalone app for more control over things like QoS.
MBIM - For use with modem manager etc with the open source drivers

One thing I noticed about the QMI SDK is that it has not been updated since 2016. Is it still recommended to use ?

For my project I’m leaning towards RMNET, then create a simple process that polls the status using the AT commands



You can try this sdk



Thanks Jyijyi ! I’ll give that a look