EM7455 Sleep and Low Power Modes

We have an application where in some scenarios the EM7455 must be put into RF silent state and not periodically wake up and transmit. Can we be certain that when the EM7455 is in Low Power mode, that it will not wake up and do this? It seems that in Sleep mode it does (see technical data 4116236 AirPrime EM7455 Product Technical Specification r15.pdf). Is Low Power mode the safe option for us for these scenarios?

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You can put to flight mode by at+cfun=4

Many thanks @jyijyi.
This is what we think, but the technical data carries a big warning that in EMC sensitive areas the EM7455 must be actually powered off to ensure no transmission. It seems that Low Power mode (airplane mode) is ‘safer’ than Sleep Mode. My guess is that Sleep Mode is not an EMC safety related state, but more for a power saving kind of thing. I just wonder also where this might be definitively stated one way of the other. The technical data seems to offer the question rather than the answer.

I agree using flight mode