Low power/sleep mode with wake up on Sms

Hello All,

After reviewing the AT cmd guide, adl user guide and SL8082 forums I have failed to get the low power or sleep mode to work.
We have a microcontroller connected to the sierra module over the uart. I am intending to put the sierra module in low power mode with/without the gsm stack idle. With the gsm stack I intend to use an sms to wake up the module.

Could you tell me if this is possible and what how much power can I save with this. I thought using the AT+W32K and AT+WBHV I would see a significant drop in current consumption but it just around 10mA at 3V3. In normal mode the module uses around 40-50mA so just a 10mA drop is not really a saving in this case. The Power Consumption section in the datasheet suggests otherwise.


How are you measuring that :question:

Beware that the current has very high peaks - you’re not going to see that on a meter!

For example, see: antronics.co.uk/downloads/M1 … Traces.pdf

Eh :question:

From you quoted “40-50mA” down to “10mA” is, surely, a 30-40mA drop?!

But, yes - you should be able to get lower.

More details of your exact setup, and measurement techniques, would be needed…