EM7455 - IPV4V6 question


When creating a dual-stack connection using ‘at+cgdcont=1,“IPV4V6”,“some-apn”’, is it possible that one connection (e.g. IPv6) will fail while the other remain? Assuming we are checking that internet is reachable by pinging the outside world, can there be a case where ping to a global IPv6 address will fail while pinging an IPv4 will succeed over cellular?

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Hi @boazso,
In theory, When the device sends IPV4IPV6 request to APN provider

  • If IP4 and IP6 are supported, the provider will assign one IP4 and one IP6 to the device. At that moment, the device has 2 active (up) virtual interfaces
  • If the provider just supports either of them, the device receives 1 active (up) virtual interface only

The answer is NO. both IPs will drop if there is any failure. The device has to re-send a request for new IPs
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