Question about dual-stack connection

Assuming a ping is sent to google as a heartbeat mechanism, is it possible in a dual-stack connection to stop receiving replies on the V6 path but continue to receive replies on the V4 path?

Thank you,


Hi @boazso,
I would like to have some questions for your current device’s status

  1. If I’m not wrong, “dual-stack connection” in your words means that your PDP context was configured with “IPV4V6”, right? If no, can you please clarify what does “dual-stack connection” means?

  2. If the PDP context is configured with “IPV4V6” and you don’t intend to use this configuration, just need to use IPV4 only, please try to PDP context with IPV4 only. E.g: AT+CGDCONT=1,“IP”,"< your APN >"

  3. If you intend to use “IPV4V6” configuration and also want to apply the wish. Can you please share with me:
    a. What device are you using?
    b. What FW is it running?

According this information, I can test and provide the solution.