EM7455 IPv4 and IPv6 connections - use two PDNs with same APN?

Using EM7455 in AT mode on a Linux host, is it possible to create two separate PDNs with same APN, and have one use IPv4 and the other IPv6? For example:
+CGDCONT: 1, “IP”,“some-apn”
+CGDCONT:2, “IPV6”,“some-apn”


If this is possible, how will I assign host network interface (e.g. usbeth0) to both? or either?



Hi @boazso

No, it is not. You can’t create two separate PDNs with same APN for any PDP type (IP,IPV6,IPV4V6)

Thank you.
Another question - does EM7455 always use SLAAC for IPv6 addressing, or is this assumption wrong and we should inspect the RA message for the “Managed” bit?

Hi boazso,

As the original issue has been answered. For another issue, you should create another new ticket for easy tracking.