Multi-pdn on the mc7455

hi, I want to develop the multi-pdn on the mc7455
now the linux dirver is ok. I can see the two qmi interfaces, /dev/qcqmi0 and qcqmi1
there are two network interfaces eth1 and eth2
I can make the qmi call successfully.

  1. first run the below app
    ./connectionmgrhosti686 slqssdk 0

  2. Start LTE Data Session

  3. run the dhcp client with the eth1

but I don’t know how to start the second pdn with the qcqmi1 . can you help to give me advice ,many thanks.

Hi Frankyang,

Before setup 2nd PDN, you have to configure additional profile, “8. Create a Profile on the device” (normally with different APN name, please check with your network carrier).

After the 1st PDN is established, call “2. Start LTE Data Session” again with new profile will setup 2nd PDN automatically using qcqmi1/eth2.


thanks a lot for your hardwork!!!

Hi Frankyang,

Seems like it works for you, please mark the post as resolved.


just a question, is the profile stored in the modem… eeprom?

Yes, the profile is stored in module

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