EM7455 Dell - change vendor/product

If is possible change vendorid and productid from Dell (0x413c, 0x81b6) to Sierra Wireless (0x1199, 0x9079)?. We need change these values so that drivers detected correctly.

I took the idea of this site:
zukota.com/sierra-wireless-em74 … born-king/

I have two modules EM7455 (Dell). I use with M2 USB adapter.

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Have a nice day. Have you tried “generic” drivers from sierra source ?

Yes, but can’t upgrade firmware. It fails during the process (Windows).

How to upgrade with Linux?.

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Yes you can, but at first, you have to put this card in a Dell laptop and install the Dell drivers and then use the AT-Command USBPID to change the Vendor/Card ID.
The PID 9079 (app 9079/boot 9078) is reserved for Lenovo branded cards. PID 9071 (app 9071/boot 9070) is the right one.
AT-Command for Vendor-ID change: AT!USBVID