EM7455 cant connect after reboot


I have a nasty issue regarding my WWAN after upgrade from LM 20.3 to 21 WWAN stopped working.
Profile is there but it doesn’t make the connection.

Laptop: ThinkPad T470s

OS:Linux Mint 21 & w10

This is a dual boot laptop, and here comes the fun part:
Whenever I start w10 first and do a reboot I am able to use my WWAN without any error, please see attached picture. (1w2l.png) if I start Linux straightaway the I can not make connection with it (picture L.png) and connection looks a bit different.

Some additional info, NO PIN setup, under w10 it just works and before LM 21 upgrade it worked without this playaround

Please find some outputs in link below:

Any hint how can I resolve this issue?

Thank you

Best regards,
Rambo Junior

did you compare the OK dmesg log with NOK dmesg log?
Did you install the MBPL USB driver?

I don’t know the differences between Mint 20.3 and 21, but this sounds an awful lot like the fallout of the FCC unlock changes in MM 1.18.4 and newer. See

for an explanation and fix.


Thank you very much for your help, this was the problem

Best regards,
R Jr.