EM7455 AT test command for Band 29


EM7455 supports Band 29, but AT test command doesn’t support Band 29 testing at all.

4117727 AirPrime EM74xx-MC74xx AT Command Reference.pdf Table 10-1 listed Band 29 index as 65.

But AT test command, AT!DASBAND=65 will return error, even though 65 is a valid index for Band29.

In Table 10-2, band 26-32 are listed as Reserved, and no valid Tx frequencies are listed for band 29.

I understand Band 29 isn’t a standalone band, is RX only, and needs Band 2 or Band 4 carrier aggregation to work properly. But Band 29 still need to be tested as part of the production test.
How can AT test commands be implemented for testing the Band 29 RX path in non-signaling mode?

Thanks in advance.