EM7421 windows driver install issue


After installing the Windows driver on EM7421, the network card displays a yellow bang.
My operating system is Windows 10 LTSC and I use the Sierra source to download the Windows driver (build 5087)
The network interface card displays a yellow exclamation mark and the mobile device cannot be found in the operating system.
But other COM ports work normally.
Could anyone tell me how to solve it.

are you using MBIM?
what are the return of the followings?


Is it happening to all USB port?
Is it only happening to Windows 10?
Do you find problem to use RMNET0 instead of MBIM?

RMNET has the same problem.

Is it happening to all USB port?
Is it only happening to Windows 10?
did you try with WIN11?

BTW, did you connect directly to PC or through USB hub?

Yes, t happening to all USB port.
Only happening in Windows10 this version.(enterprise LTSC)
Windows 11 does not occur this problem.
I’m connecting directly to the PC, not through a USB hub.

i just connected EM7511 to my win10 PC (both Win10 Pro and Win10 Enterprise), no problem is found.
I am also using same AT!USBCOMP and AT!USBPID as yours.

May I know what version of Win 10 Enterprise you are testing?
My test version is 1809

i tried this one:

Edition  Windows 10 Enterprise
Version 21H2

Got it. Thanks.
Another problem, we tried it on another operating system, Win 10 Enterprise LTSC (version: 21H2), and found that the module AT+CFUN parameter was always set to 0 after each reset.
Although we force the AT+CFUN parameter to be set to 1, the parameter will still be switched back to 0 after resetting the module.

probably you need to turn on cellular button like this: